I am a deep believer in the magical power of a woman and believe we should continuously raise a toast and applaud and support women from all over the world for their sense of accomplishments across all spectrums.




Women are forever inspiring me. A heady mix of power, emotions, intuition, compassion, empathy, soft power, creativity, strength and imperfections. Every woman I know operates on multiple cylinders - we are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, aunties, colleagues...all at the same time! Every woman’s journey has its struggles, heart aches and challenges. Often, we find ourselves torn between work and family and in many cultures familiar to me a woman is looked at as a collective rather than as an individual, struggling at different times in her life to assert her own identity, desires and pursue her dreams. 

Having dedicated so many years of my life to female empowerment and the pivotal role of female education I am a staunch advocate and believer that every woman should have the right to exercise choice and be the captain of her own ship. Women in many cultures are often looked at as the supporting actors in the lives of those around them - yet as the world recognises the profound importance of women – we are finally seeing and recognising just how much power a woman has. In many cases it is because of this sheer inherent power that women are restrained and limited in terms of what they can and cannot do. But times are changing, and it is because of the collective support of women and female mentors and role models that women are now taking centre stage. To think that girls outperform boys in the world of education and that there are more females graduate from higher education than males on a global scale is inspiring and deeply significant. 

Young girls are realising the power of education as a tool for empowerment and whereas in previous decades the reason for educating girls was driven by men and the need to be better homemakers, today it is women themselves who have earned their stripes and working hard to forge an empowered future for themselves. Even on an economic level woman are a recognised force. In 2020, Forbes wrote there are two parallel forces reshaping the consumer market: technology and women’s rising economic power!




To think that two of the biggest revolutions of the 20th century were women’s increased educational attainment and their participation in the paid labour force! Women are the original social network, and our influence has grown along with our spending power. Women not only have the buying power, we have the influence. As the majority of primary caregivers for children and the elderly, women spend significant time and money buying on behalf of others. They are the gateway to the people in their households as well as their social and business networks. Women are also great drivers of word-of-mouth publicity and social sharing online.

If you want to know where the market is going, follow the women!

EvolutionSK started with a vision to bring together talent and I am proud to say that the majority of our brands are female led designers and businesswomen who have at different moments in their journeys pivoted to harness their entrepreneurial and creative talents. From female Gen Z designers and young budding businesswomen to women who chose to add a new dimension to their lives and are making a name for themselves through their fabulous brands. It is an honour to be partnering with them for our ESK journey.

Even more rewarding for me is to celebrate ESK’s creative female powered team. A team of young women who show initiative, inspiration, drive, ambition and tons of talent! I feel privileged to work with such young, dynamic and powerful women who bring so much to the table and am committed to empowering these women along their career and life trajectory.   After spending so many years interviewing powerful women and writing about the need for women to chart their own path there is no better reward than to be living this at EvolutionSK.


No woman is an island. I can attest to this as I myself come from a strong family of female empowered women: mother, sister, nieces …we are a whole lot of women!  My mother, Nada is a force. Beautiful, smart, independent, hugely stylish and very much my most inspiring icon. I thank you Mommy for all you have taught me. But let us not forget the men who have too been our biggest advocates.  The unwavering vision, leadership and support of inspirational men throughout history who have often been our staunches supporters. I know personally that my journey would not have brought me this far without the vision, drive and endless encouragement of my late father Nemir. Thank you for being the biggest supporter of female power I have ever met. 

With that we at EvolutionSK wish women all over the world our gratitude and support, and join our evolution and Minx it up!




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