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Smiley Face Bracelet
Shelly ZuckerSmiley Face Bracelet
Sale price£1,625.00 GBP
Chevron Bracelet
Savage Soul SistersChevron Bracelet
Sale price£370.00 GBP
Bee Gold Diamond NecklaceBee Gold Diamond Necklace
Bee GoddessBee Gold Diamond Necklace
Sale price£2,420.00 GBP
Orange Yellow & Turquoise Ghana Stretch Bracelet
Rainbow SmileyRainbow Smiley
Benim LondonRainbow Smiley
Sale priceFrom £40.00 GBP
Turquoise Red Black Ghana Stretch Bracelet
What'S Up Smiley NecklaceWhat'S Up Smiley Necklace
Shelly ZuckerWhat'S Up Smiley Necklace
Sale price£1,775.00 GBP
Benim LondonSmiley
Sale price£35.00 GBP

4 colors available

Blue & Purple Ghana Stretch Bracelet
Turquoise Red & Blue Stretch Bracelet
Multi Colour Necklace Sterling Silver Smiley Face
Turquoise Stretch Bracelet
Honey Bee Sapphire Necklace
Bee GoddessHoney Bee Sapphire Necklace
Sale price£1,010.00 GBP
Smiley Face Earring
Shelly ZuckerSmiley Face Earring
Sale price£345.00 GBP
Bee Gold Citrine Earring
Bee GoddessBee Gold Citrine Earring
Sale price£720.00 GBP
Honeycomb Diamond Ring
Bee GoddessHoneycomb Diamond Ring
Sale price£5,240.00 GBP
Rainbow Open Smiley Bracelet
Bee Topaz Necklace
Bee GoddessBee Topaz Necklace
Sale price£1,010.00 GBP
Open-Smiley Face NecklaceOpen-Smiley Face Necklace
Shelly ZuckerOpen-Smiley Face Necklace
Sale priceFrom £1,475.00 GBP

2 colors available

Candy SmileyCandy Smiley
Benim LondonCandy Smiley
Sale priceFrom £43.00 GBP
Rainbow & White Open-Smiley Face Bracelet
Keep Smiling SweaterKeep Smiling Sweater
Bee Gold Diamond Earrings
Bee GoddessBee Gold Diamond Earrings
Sale price£1,500.00 GBP
Bee Gold Pink Sapphire Earring
Bee Gold Diamond Citrine NecklaceBee Gold Diamond Citrine Necklace
Bee Gold Blue Topaz Earring
Honeycomb Bee Necklace
Bee GoddessHoneycomb Bee Necklace
Sale price£5,510.00 GBP
Bee Gold Diamond Ear CuffBee Gold Diamond Ear Cuff
Bee GoddessBee Gold Diamond Ear Cuff
Sale price£2,470.00 GBP
Pearl Bracelet With Diamond Smiley
Queen Bee Emerald RingQueen Bee Emerald Ring
Bee GoddessQueen Bee Emerald Ring
Sale price£6,670.00 GBP
Ghana Multi Colour Bracelet Smiley CharmGhana Multi Colour Bracelet Smiley Charm
Honeycomb EarringsHoneycomb Earrings
Bee GoddessHoneycomb Earrings
Sale price£4,430.00 GBP
Honeycomb Ring
Bee GoddessHoneycomb Ring
Sale price£3,200.00 GBP
Rainbow Smiley Necklace
Shelly ZuckerRainbow Smiley Necklace
Sale price£1,225.00 GBP
Honey Bee Diamond Earring
Bee GoddessHoney Bee Diamond Earring
Sale price£1,240.00 GBP
Diamond Smiley BraceletDiamond Smiley Bracelet
Queen Bee Gold Diamond RingQueen Bee Gold Diamond Ring
Bee GoddessQueen Bee Gold Diamond Ring
Sale price£5,660.00 GBP
Bee Gold Amethyst Earring
Bee GoddessBee Gold Amethyst Earring
Sale price£720.00 GBP
Bee Gold Emerald Earring
Bee GoddessBee Gold Emerald Earring
Sale price£720.00 GBP
Sold out
Turquoise bee bangle
White bee bangle
Savage Soul SistersWhite bee bangle
Sale price£642.00 GBP
Crocheted hat with flowersCrocheted hat with flowers
Crocheted hat with flowers
Raffia Bucket w DaisesRaffia Bucket w Daises
EvolutionSKRaffia Bucket w Daises
Sale price£87.00 GBP
Multicolour striped knit cotton hatMulticolour striped knit cotton hat

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