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Ruby Knotted Faceted Necklace Diamond Spider PendantRuby Knotted Faceted Necklace Diamond Spider Pendant
Ghana Wine Bracelet Diamond & Ruby BallGhana Wine Bracelet Diamond & Ruby Ball
Lady Bug Earrings
Bee GoddessLady Bug Earrings
Sale price£1,780.00 GBP
Eye Diamonds And Rubies Signet Ring
Leather Necklace Ruby Star Pendant
Arrow White And Black Diamond Earrings
Arrow Diamond Hand Chain
Bee GoddessArrow Diamond Hand Chain
Sale price£1,940.00 GBP
Rose Gold Ruby HuggiesRose Gold Ruby Huggies
Shelly ZuckerRose Gold Ruby Huggies
Sale price£675.00 GBP
Bee Gold Diamond Earrings
Bee GoddessBee Gold Diamond Earrings
Sale price£1,500.00 GBP
Bee Gold Diamond NecklaceBee Gold Diamond Necklace
Bee GoddessBee Gold Diamond Necklace
Sale price£2,420.00 GBP
Venus Star Ruby Necklace
Bee GoddessVenus Star Ruby Necklace
Sale price£780.00 GBP
Crazy Eyes PendantCrazy Eyes Pendant
Rock By GSCrazy Eyes Pendant
Sale price£2,330.00 GBP
Black Scarab EarringsBlack Scarab Earrings
Rock By GSBlack Scarab Earrings
Sale price£10,850.00 GBP
Black Scarab RingBlack Scarab Ring
Rock By GSBlack Scarab Ring
Sale price£3,150.00 GBP
EmeraldWhite Gold - Diamond
Shelly ZuckerStar Earring
Sale priceFrom £415.00 GBP

2 colors available

Cactus Earring
Shelly ZuckerCactus Earring
Sale price£475.00 GBP
Emerald Hoop EarringsEmerald Hoop Earrings
Shelly ZuckerEmerald Hoop Earrings
Sale price£2,325.00 GBP
Sapphire Hoop EarringsSapphire Hoop Earrings
Shelly ZuckerSapphire Hoop Earrings
Sale price£2,425.00 GBP
Lapis Knotted Necklace Diamond Spider Pendant
Pink Topaz Knotted Necklace Diamond Star Pendant
Leather Necklace Diamond Star Pendant
Moonstone Knotted Necklace Enamel Evil Eye PendantMoonstone Knotted Necklace Enamel Evil Eye Pendant
Raw Knotted Sapphire Necklace Diamond Starburst
Aquamarine Necklace With Silver & Sapphire Pendant
Knotted Necklace Diamond Lapis Pendant
Lapis Knotted Necklace Diamond Polki Star Pendant
Natural Knotted Garnet Diamond Heart Pendant
Bee Gold Emerald Earring
Bee GoddessBee Gold Emerald Earring
Sale price£720.00 GBP
Queen Bee Emerald RingQueen Bee Emerald Ring
Bee GoddessQueen Bee Emerald Ring
Sale price£6,670.00 GBP
Feather Emerald Earrings
Bee GoddessFeather Emerald Earrings
Sale price£4,820.00 GBP
Aquamarine Necklace With Star Burst Pendant
Lapis Knotted Necklace Blue Enamel Evil Eye Pendant
Pink Topaz Necklace Pink Enamel Diamond Flower
Moonstone Knotted Necklace Diamond Black & White Enamel Evil Eye Pendant
Pink Topaz Necklace Pink Enamel Diamond Evil Eye
Bee Gold Blue Topaz Earring
Bee Topaz Necklace
Bee GoddessBee Topaz Necklace
Sale price£1,010.00 GBP
Tiara Aqua Eye Enamel Ring
Joyful Lapis Choker
Orchid JewelryJoyful Lapis Choker
Sale price£415.00 GBP
Moonstone Knotted Necklace
Emerald Faceted Knotted NecklaceEmerald Faceted Knotted Necklace
Moonstone Knotted NecklaceMoonstone Knotted Necklace
Sapphire Knotted NecklaceSapphire Knotted Necklace
Mondrian Emerald BraceletMondrian Emerald Bracelet
Bee GoddessMondrian Emerald Bracelet
Sale price£8,960.00 GBP
Hera Hera EarringsHera Hera Earrings
Bee GoddessHera Hera Earrings
Sale price£4,700.00 GBP
Hera Hera NecklaceHera Hera Necklace
Bee GoddessHera Hera Necklace
Sale price£5,820.00 GBP
Ghana Blue & Yellow Stretch Bracelet, Pave Diamond & Sapphire Nugget
Lapis Stretch Bracelet, Pave Diamond Baby Pink Enamel Ball, Pave Diamond
Baby Blue Opal Stretch Bracelet, Pave Diamond Accents, Double Sided Pave Diamond Evil Eye
Baby Blue Opal Stretch Bracelet, Pave Diamond Accents, Pave Diamond Ball

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