About ESK

How to minx it up

EvolutionSK launched with the belief that fashion can still be exciting, but it has to evolve and be relevant to our multi-faceted lives. 

ESK will focus on uniquely curated selection of incredible finds from the epicentre of dressed-down cool. A heady mix of under the radar clothing and accessory designers will sit alongside bespoke makers of luxury one-off pieces such as jewellery or leather jackets. ESK brings previously inaccessible emerging talents and delivers extraordinary custom-made-gems to your door. 

#MinxItUp is EvolutionSK’s call to a unique curated sense of style. Creating a Minxy, sexy yet relaxed look whilst combining different accessories and products together in an in-obvious way. Who thought activewear and rose gold pinky rings could work? Or even fine jewelry stacked amongst funky beads and boho chic? The ESK Look is all about achieving that Minxy vibe and mixing it all in a curated stylised way. 

Anyone can buy an item. But how to wear and blend that item with other less obvious things is what we at ESK endeavour to create. It is about style and curation and offering our loyal clients a chance to not only buy a look but also guide them in how to spruce it up with a little sugar and spice! 

Welcome to EvolutionSK. A stylised curated destination for the coolest finds that will transform how you dress everyday. Expect the unexpected.


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