Savage Soul Sisters

Multi Color Sapphire Necklace


Onlookers will be drawn to you when they see the stunning necklace hanging from your neckline

The smooth surface of the beads feels comfortable against your skin and radiates an alluring glow

The necklace is made of vibrant sapphire beads in various hues

Together, their dark and vivid tones create a fashion statement that cannot be ignored

This jewellery in particular will shine brighter than any other piece on your neck, soon becoming an inseparable part of you


• Multi Color Sapphire Necklace
• Sterling Silver Wire
• Pave Diamond Clasp
• Pave Diamond & Sapphire Star
• Dimensions 33”
• Order will be received in 2-3 weeks.

*Order will be received in 2-3 weeks.

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