EvolutionSK stands for celebration of talent, hidden treasures and a sign of our dynamically changing and evolving times. The world is metamorphosising and we are both spectators and protagonists of this evolution. The lines are blurring... between comfort and style, work and play, art and living, lifestyle and beauty, fashion and consciousness. ESK is about all of this. A global platform that shines a light on talented artists, creators and designers from all over the world, large and small who have something to share and ESK strives to curate and edit the most favoured finds and bring them together, mixing and blending to curate a styled but comfortable, functioning, fashion – hip lifestyle for those on the go.

Who wouldn’t want a touch of glamour, a brush of colour, a dash of personalised, custom treasures with cosy, comfort and function? 2020 has been defining year for every single person. It has forced us to refocus our lens, recalibrate, weed out the negative and cherish the positive. It has challenged us all on multiple levels, emotional, physical and financial. But the silver lining is that we emerge having learnt many life lessons and forcing us to take stock, deepen our sense of empathy and compassion and strengthen our sense of a global community for every one of us, irrespective of gender, nationality or religion are facing the same challenges.

ESK represents a lifestyle pivot. A different interpretation on how we live and work. How we blend what we already know and have with what might have escaped our radar. We look to re-love those special finds that others no longer need or want whilst minxing it up with unearthed creativity. We celebrate established artists and designers as well as smaller businesses that have yet to reach a larger audience who too are hungry and receptive for something distinct. ESK applauds those that seek to incorporate consciousness into their brands, be it environmental, or brands that seek to empower their local communities.

Thank you for taking the time to join our Evolution!


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