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Colourful Shell Knotted Necklace Diamond Polki Star Pendant
Ghana Turquoise & Purple Bracelet Evil Eye CharmGhana Turquoise & Purple Bracelet Evil Eye Charm
Multi Color Sapphire NecklaceMulti Color Sapphire Necklace
African Love Necklace Ruby Lip Pendant
Multicoloured Stretch Bracelet with a Green Star Charm
Multicoloured Smiley Necklace
Aquamarine Knotted Necklace with a Sapphire Pendant
Turquoise Knotted Necklace with Heart Pendant
Multicoloured Smiley Bracelet
Eye Multicoloured Necklace
Lapis Knotted Necklace, Pave Diamond Clasp, Pave Diamond Blue Evil Eye
Multi Color Tourmaline Knotted Necklace, Sterling Silver Pave Diamond Clasp, Sterling Silver Pave Diamond & Baguette
Lapis Knotted Necklace, Pave Diamond Clasp, Pave Sapphire Heart
Turquoise Knotted Necklace, Sterling Silver Diamond Long Clasp, Sterling Silver
The O'Hara Eye Necklace - Large
The O'Hara Eye Mini Necklace
The O'Hara Eye Necklace - Small
The O'Hara Eye Necklace  - MediumThe O'Hara Eye Necklace  - Medium
Turquoise Beaded Necklace Turquoise Beaded Necklace 
Pastel Tennis Necklace
Shelly ZuckerPastel Tennis Necklace
Sale price£2,597.00 GBP
The Crown Of Aqua Eyes Necklace
Joyful Turquoise Eye
Orchid JewelryJoyful Turquoise Eye
Sale price£590.00 GBP
Joyful Onyx Clover Necklace
Joyful Mother Of Pearl Star
Flirty Enamel Aqua Eye Necklace
Fine Chain Necklace (40Cm)
Dreams Of A Unicorn
Orchid JewelryDreams Of A Unicorn
Sale price£565.00 GBP
Diamond Lock Chunky Chain Necklace (45Cm)
Dc Motherly Love Necklace
Dc Family Love Necklace
Aqua Eyes Glow
Orchid JewelryAqua Eyes Glow
Sale price£485.00 GBP
Kiss Me Dog Tag Necklace
Diane KordasKiss Me Dog Tag Necklace
Sale price£5,320.00 GBP
Rainbow Beaded Necklace With Id Tag PendantRainbow Beaded Necklace With Id Tag Pendant
What's Up Smiley NecklaceWhat's Up Smiley Necklace
Shelly ZuckerWhat's Up Smiley Necklace
Sale price£1,797.00 GBP
Tennis Necklace
Shelly ZuckerTennis Necklace
Sale price£2,597.00 GBP
Stars NecklaceStars Necklace
Shelly ZuckerStars Necklace
Sale price£1,997.00 GBP
Star NecklaceStar Necklace
Shelly ZuckerStar Necklace
Sale price£1,897.00 GBP
Stars Necklace
Shelly ZuckerStars Necklace
Sale price£2,147.00 GBP
Stars Necklace
Shelly ZuckerStars Necklace
Sale price£1,647.00 GBP
Small Medallion Necklace With Bespoke Rainbow Initial
Rainbow Tennis Necklace
Shelly ZuckerRainbow Tennis Necklace
Sale price£3,402.00 GBP
Rainbow Smiley Necklace
Shelly ZuckerRainbow Smiley Necklace
Sale price£1,247.00 GBP
Personalised Letter Medallion
Personalised Medallion NecklacePersonalised Medallion Necklace
Shelly ZuckerPersonalised Medallion Necklace
Sale price£2,547.00 GBP

3 colors available

Open-Smiley Face NecklaceOpen-Smiley Face Necklace
Shelly ZuckerOpen-Smiley Face Necklace
Sale priceFrom £1,497.00 GBP
Multicolour Personalised Medallion Necklace
Mini Candy Necklace
Shelly ZuckerMini Candy Necklace
Sale price£947.00 GBP
Maxi Dot Necklace
Shelly ZuckerMaxi Dot Necklace
Sale price£2,060.00 GBP
Extra Long Chain Star Necklace
Morganite Knotted Necklace Pink Enamel Evil Eye PendantMorganite Knotted Necklace Pink Enamel Evil Eye Pendant

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